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Botox Sydney – 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Botox

Many people these days are going for the Botox treatment to have an appealing appearance. It has become highly popular due to its results. Before going for this treatment, one should know about the treatment in detail to avoid any mishaps. After all, it’s the matter of your looks and no one wants to mess it up. I would like to share with you 10 things I wish I knew before I got Botox so that you remember what should be done before you go for this treatment.

1)     Select a Doctor who is best in the treatment and best for you.

Not everyone is capable of doing Botox right. Select the best doctor with years of experience in this field. You should be aware of people doing your injections. If a nurse is giving you injections instead of a doctor then don’t waste time to call for a doctor. Select a good dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to understand how deep or low your injections must penetrate into the skin. Research about the doctor on websites and check his experience in Botox treatment. If you are in Sydney you can see Advanced Dermatology for Botox Sydney treatment. Or if you’re in Melbourne you can you can see Cosmetic and Aesthetic clinic for more info.

2)     Know about the treatment

You must always know the techniques, procedures and side-effects of the treatment you are going to take. Understand what injections will be used and what their functionality towards improving your appearance is. Don’t get nervous and be informed of what injections are being used on you. If you suffer from slightest discomfort, consult your doctor and get it rectified.

3)     Cost and Expense

It is very important you keep yourself updated on the cost factor of the treatment. You must know that you should be charged based on per unit of Botox. If somebody asks you money based on the area of the skin, then you should refrain from going to such person. Various doctors have various charges per unit. There is no fixed cost as such.

4)     What is the treatment like?

Understand that its non-surgical treatment and it hardly takes 15min to perform on a patient. The patient is conscious and no anesthesia is used during the entire treatment. The needles are injected in the affected areas and are not much painful. You can immediately return to your normal routine after the treatment.

5)     Side-effects

If you have researched well you must have read or known that there may occur some redness, irritation and bruises on the skin. You will experience some redness near the affected skin, but will go away in a day or two. You might also feel swelling where the injections were given, but it was of very short duration I must say. Consult your doctor prior to treatment for information regarding reactions.

6)     Botox Results

It is very important to know whether the treatment you are going for gives desired results. For me it took a few days to show up in results. I could see smooth and distinctive skin resulted after the Botox treatment. Don’t freak out if you don’t get results, have patience for a few days and you will see the results automatically. The results may last up to 3-5 months.

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