The Cool Way to Get Rid of Fat

When the temperature hits hot it’s time to strip off and unfortunately, if you haven’t paid attention to diet and exercise that means there’s a big reveal…  No woman (or man, for that matter) wants to display their wobbly bits. We’re talking about those areas that the gym hasn’t quite reached and really, no amount of dieting shifts. Yes, the fatty deposits on the abdomen, the thighs, above the knee – the back, oh, even underneath the chin! How on earth do you get rid of them without resulting to surgery?

Lymphatic Drainage – The Chilled Way!

Luckily, there is a cool way to melt that fat so it disappears naturally through lymphatic drainage.  It’s so cool, it’s even called Cool, we’re referring to “CoolLipo”, sometimes referred to as fat-freezing.  This is something that’s taking the world by storm and actually involves a process that isn’t new technology. It’s a technology that’s referred to as cryolipolysis and it involves freezing fat so it dies away. It might sound uncomfortable, but actually, it’s rather relaxing!

The CoolLipo technology works by killing off fat cells using freezing temperatures. Then, the destroyed cells naturally travel through the body’s waste system where they are removed for good – and it really works. The results were first noticed in children purely by chance, doctors soon discovered that those sweet-flavoured frozen ice pops kids love were slowly removing the fat in their cheeks as they sucked on them.

A Special Suction & Cooling Machine

When CoolLipo is used on the body, it literally freezes pockets of fat beneath the skin using a machine that administers suction and cooling (without harming the skin). The fat cells crystallise and then breakaway – never to return. In fact, results from CoolLipo are so encouraging that almost all patients see a difference after just one session. Oh, and there’s more. Those results keep on improving over a period of months as the fat cells keep breaking down and floating away. Some people experience up to 25% fat reduction, that’s pretty significant especially when three weekly sessions at the gym doing squats doesn’t really shift fat over the knees. The treatment fast, efficient and (pretty much) painless, the only discomfort is the coldness on the skin, but skin adapts to that feeling very quickly and numbs itself so it’s pretty pain free.

You Lose Fat – Fast!

So the big question is – do you actually lose weight? Unfortunately not, but you do lose fat, those cells disappear reducing that muffin top over your trousers and that double chin. Skin tightens up too and depending on the number of CoolLipo sessions you need, you’ll notice a difference within a few weeks. Unfortunately, while the technology is exciting and really does deliver noticeable results, it’s not suitable for very overweight people, that’s because it deals with small areas rather than large areas. It’s great if you want to shave off a little fat from your inner thighs, or get rid of flabbiness around your middle, there are lots of areas where it works really well. CoolLipo is also completely safe, in case you were wondering. There’s no downtime associated with the CoolLipo treatment, the only aggravation you might experience is a little redness and mild swelling but this is rare and disappears within hours.

 Always go to a Specialist Therapist

Of course, the best place to experience CoolLipo is at a specialist skin clinic, somewhere like Advanced Dermatology because their experts completely understand the background behind the fat-freezing technology and will assess if you are a good candidate.

So, there’s no need to fear the beach – in fact, patients usually can’t wait to strip off and show off their CoolLipo body!  See, there really is a cool way to get rid of fat!


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