Dermal Fillers Sydney

My Experience With Dermal Fillers

I wanted to share my experience with you when I had my dermal filler procedure. I researched this topic extensively, and wanted to share my story for anyone who is considering getting the same thing done.

First off, I choose to undergo the dermal fillers Sydney treatment because I have some recessed scars on my face that I received when I was in a car accident years ago. When I researched this option, it seemed very promising. In addition to improving the appearance of scars, dermal fillers also plump lips, fill up shallow contours in your face, and of course, soften some wrinkles and creases.

When I went in to my consult with my cosmetic surgeon, he assessed not only what I wanted done but also if I was a good candidate for dermal fillers. When I went for my Dermal Fillers Sydney treatment I passed the pre-procedure check-up easily. The doctor wanted to make sure I was in good physical condition and healthy so I’d be able to undergo this procedure. I don’t smoke, which was one of the first questions asked, and then they kind of assessed my psychological outlook regarding the procedure I wanted done. I can see why. I was excited, but I knew that having some scars taken care of wouldn’t make me into a supermodel or drastically change my appearance.

The day of the procedure I was nervous but confident. My scars from my car accident pebbled my entire left cheek, some long, and some small. The doctor and nurses got me prepped and ready, and I was given some local anesthesia in my cheek area.

Before I knew it, my doctor was busy filling my scars. He only seemed to spend a few moments on each scar site, and I think the procedure itself was about thirty minutes.

My left check was a little painful, but nothing an icepack and later on frozen peas couldn’t handle. I did have some bruising, but it is because I bruise easily. I felt a little swollen and it felt a bit strange on my left cheek but nothing really bothersome and it went away in a day.

As each day passed, I could not believe my eyes. Those shameful, embarrassing scars of mind were disappearing right before my eyes. It was such a wonderful feeling to pass a mirror and see the results. And I felt it was worth every dollar. I just wish I had done it earlier (I am twenty-nine and have had these scars for four years).

Medical insurance doesn’t cover this procedure, and although I won’t divulge how much I spent, I will say I had dermal fillers with Botox, and the chemical alone can range $470 -$600. That doesn’t include the doctor fee.

You can have dermal fillers done with different product, but this was recommended for me by the doctor himself and it was a wise choice!

So, if you are considering this procedure, I just wanted to give you a little bump of encouragement. If it something you think will make you feel a bit better about yourself, and it’s something that has been bothering you for a very long time, go get a consultation and ask about dermal fillers. It’s amazing how a few days can change your entire life.

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