Fractional Laser Treatment

Top 5 Fractional Laser Treatments

Your skin is not only the first thing people see about you when they meet you, but also the biggest organ your body has. If you played in the sunshine for years, suffered from acne, or have scars you wish to finally get rid of?

Laser skin resurfacing or fractional laser treatments like Fraxel laser are all the craze for two reasons; they work fast, and they are something most people can afford over other spa or dermatologist treatments to have the clear skin they have been seeking for years.

Here are the top 5 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatments worth looking into (in order of our favourites):

1-              Sublative Fractional Resurfacing- this procedure can rid you of acne marks, wrinkles, and any other bump or whole tucked inside your skin’s surface. It works by promoting the collagen to renew itself, by passing energy into the skin via electrodes. Skin texture is almost immediately smoother, and has gained more elasticity. Most patients do this step in three treatments, once per month.

2-              Fraxel laser– this is mostly popular for patients that have suffered for years with acne. It is a great procedure that is quick and has literally no recovery time so many happy clients have the treatment and go right back to work as if they never skipped a beat!

3-              CO2 laser- carbon dioxide can work magic on the skin when treated properly. This laser process removes the top layer of skin that may be damaged, showing the under layer of skin that is soft, smooth and youthful. This can be utilized for wrinkles, acne scars, and other irregularities in the skin that are too deep for the other treatments to heal.

4-              Erbium laser– this process is used on more areas of the body than just the traditional face treatments. It can be commonly used on the hands, neck, face, chest, back and so forth. It works by also removing surface-level imperfections on the skin such as wrinkles, or lines that may have been on the skin for years.

The biggest difference from this laser and the others is that this one requires some recovery time to heal the skin. You skin may experience swelling, become red or pink, or develop bruising at the sight of the treatment. The recovery time is not long, but it does have those aforementioned side effects.

5-              Pearl laser- this one probably wins the “swanky” award! It gives a remarkable result to the patients and does not require a huge commitment for the recovery period. This one works by utilizing wavelengths to balance out the skin’s tissue and remove the imperfections that have been damaged by the sun or through acne. Patients enjoy seeing their results rather quickly with this option, as most can see the difference in their skin in just three days.


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