IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPL skin rejuvenation?

IPL skin rejuvenation is a revolutionary new form of skin treatment that uses intense bursts of light to treat and remove damage in the skin. This damage can be from many sources, but IPL skin rejuvenation can treat them all.

What does IPL stand for?

IPL stands for intense pulsed lights. The process involves directing a beam of intense light intermittently in pulses at the damaged area of the skin to reach the collagen deep in the skin tissue.

How long does an IPL skin rejuvenation treatment take?

IPL skin rejuvenation treatments are a form of facial rejuvenation that can be are incredibly short and usually can be completed in about twenty minutes altogether. The process is so easy and fast that many people complete them during their work day, even during their lunch hours.

How many sessions of IPL skin rejuvenation will I need?

Everyone is different and each person’s skin needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis and a treatment plan developed that addresses the specific needs of that person. However, in most cases, maximum results are seen after four to six treatments, spread over the course of several weeks.

What is the recovery experience like with IPL skin rejuvenation?

There is no recovery period with IPL skin rejuvenation. Unlike laser skin treatments and chemical peels, both of which cause redness and swelling which lasts for weeks and is extremely uncomfortable, there is no visual effect from an IPL skin rejuvenation treatment. You can resume your normal activities immediately, with no effect on your appearance.

What kind of skin problems can IPL skin rejuvenation treat?

IPL skin rejuvenation treats the damage caused to skin by external sources, primarily skin damage. Most of us have at least some skin damage from the sun, and heavy tanners will have more. This damage causes the skin to darken and spot and generally appear older than it is, aging us prematurely. IPL skin rejuvenation treatments reverse this effect, making you look younger. There are other kinds of damage that IPL can help with. Smokers tend to have skin damage that can be address via IPL skin rejuvenation treatments. IPL can also help with burst blood vessels and rosacea.

How much does IPL skin rejuvenation cost?

The cost of IPL varies from provider to provider and can also vary based on how many sessions you will need. The best way to determine your cost for this service is to meet with a provider and get an estimate of cost and treatment plan. Many providers offer a free or low-cost consultation for this purchase and they may also offer a payment plan for those who need it.

Will my health insurance cover IPL skin rejuvenation?

Not in most cases. IPL is considered an elective cosmetic procedure and for that reason it is generally not covered by health insurance.  Resource provided with thanks to Advanced Dermatology specialist Skin Care and Botox providers in Sydney.

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