Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial is a trending cosmetic procedure to remove wrinkles from your face. It is related to the forever young characteristics of vampires in the ancient times. It’s a belief that vampires never age and look alike their whole life. This is the main purpose of the treatment to stop your aging process and look young as ever. This type of cosmetic procedure is being marketed as “Vampire Filler” or “Vampire Facial” or “Vampire Facelift”. If you want to turn back the hands of time and erase wrinkles from your face, Vampire Facial is the procedure you must go for.

–  What is Vampire Facial?

The vampire facial procedure is an in-office procedure that does not involve any kind of surgery. It is a procedure that uses patient’s own blood to form a product with concentrated platelets and for building various tissue elements. The procedure does not involve injecting of any kinds of fats, acids or toxins in the body. The main ingredient of this treatment works on removing the wrinkles from the face using your own blood. The technology with which the blood is transformed into a product for removing wrinkle is termed as “Selphyl”.  Using your own blood platelets helps in skin recovery naturally by utilizing the healing abilities of your own body.

–  Does this procedure work?

The procedure does not have major side-effects as it uses your own blood and being a non-surgical procedure it does not involve any down time. In some people it has been successful in correcting early signs of aging like dark circles, under eye hollows, loss of fat on face and crow’s feet. It’s the natural and distinctive way to rejuvenate the appearance of the patient. It helps in collagen production, which helps in increased volume. There are no skin allergic reactions after the treatment but, if you have skin allergies, let your doctor know about it. After the treatment, it is normal to experience little irritation in skin, bruising, redness and swelling but, they are not considered to be serious side-effects. These are temporary and will go away in one to two days. This procedure is safe and has been performed on numerous patients.

–  How does Vampire facial work?

In this procedure, blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and the platelets are separated to form a product which, when injected into the affected area increases the formation of collagen. Collagen helps in retrieval, regrowth and tightening of the skin. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, enables the building of tissue elements and make sure it works as naturally as possible. With the help of a Dermapen the PRP so formed is allowed to penetrate deep into your skin. The feasible platelets applied on the skin are a safe and quick procedure to deal with aging problems. The physician performs this procedure in his office with the help of a nurse. Doctors can use various pain killers to manage the pain from this treatment. You are able to gain that natural glow on your face again that makes you look young.

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